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AMI Solution

  • AMI meter
  • AMI system
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Automatic Meter Reading

    WLP AMI solution adopts state of the art metrology, communicaon technology, concurrent process technology, encrypon algorithm with popular openness standard, and accompanied by experienced an-tamper technology and load control strategy. Implement two way communicaondata collecon and process, dynamic pricing, load control, an-tampering, and energy management funcons. The soluon can bring the benefits to ulity as follows:

    •  Supply data support for line losses analysis of whole power grid.
    •  Supply effecve an-tampering way and soluon for overdue payment.
    •  Provide power market regulaon effecve tools.
    •  Improve the service quality and reliability to customers. 

    Main Functions

    •  Self-register and phase identification function
    •  Scheduled & on-demand meter reading
    •  Remote connection/disconnection/group control
    •  Tamper detection, grid& meter event collection
    •  Demand limiting  
    •  Remote firmware upgrade
    •  Remote tariff programming
    •  Power quality collection
    •  Outage detection function
    •  Auxiliary meter reading through HHU

    Key Features

    • Standardization: Support DLMS COSEM, ANSI
    •  Openness: Support Multi-Meter providers and system interoperability interface such as multi-speak &IEC61968 standard
    •  Security: STA/SSL/HTTPS and 3 layer authority management
    •  Friendliness: Support Multi-Communication Carriers such as PLC(G3, PRIME, SFSK), RF Mesh, RS485, Mbus, 3G/GPRS/SMS/CSD, etc.
    •  Cross Platform: Support Multi-operating system such as windows, Linux, Unix, etc. Multi-relationla dtabase such as ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL



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