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    Fault Location Solution


    WLP Fault Locaon soluon is designed for smart grid–distribuon automaton applicaons. Addionally, with the data collector unit help, it can monitor and transmit network running informaon connuously, measure the electrical parameters like current, inducon potenal, etc. It can help network operator remotely do fault Locaon, isolaon and restoraon through DMS system. this soluon can bring the benefits to ulity as follows:


    •  It can help you to have a reliable, cost efficient and fast indicaon of the fault locaon in the network.
    •  It can real-me monitor the normal current and voltage of feeder lines without modify the exisng network structure.
    •  It can rapidly reduce the outage me, improve the power supply service quality.

    Main Functions

    • Indicate the fault whe short circuit through indicator's red sign turn and the light blinking.
    • Send fault information includeing normal current, fault current and fault state to DMS system
    • Fault state can be reset by manual or automatic ot master station
    • Fault detection time, short circuit current, automatic reset time, unsolicited cycle from FCI to DTU can be configured
    • Power supply for data collector by solar panel and battery or AC

    Key Features

    • Communication comply with IEC 101/104 standard
    • Interoperablity interface with exsiting SCADA/DMS system
    • Support parameter programming through SMS
    • Fault current indicator comply with IEEE Std 495-2007
    • Protection setting value can be setting & Calibrated

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