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Prepayment Solution

  • Prepayment System
  • STS standard
  • STS Prepayment Meter

    WLP Prepayment solution is an enre prepayment management and vending system soluon which is specially designed to help ulity improve revenue protecon and opmize grid value. This soluon can bring the benefits to ulity as follows:



    Revenue protecon: increase ulity's cash flow; An-tampering & an-manipulaon.
    Reduce cost: reduce labor cost and management cost.
    Energy Saving: improve energy consumpon efficiency. 

    Main Functions

    • Meter & customer archive management
    • Distributor credit, authority & security management
    • Vending&prepaid management function based on STS standard and C/S, B/S architecture
    • Tariff, tax, charge and shift management
    • Vending channels supports CDU, android Monile POS/Mobile phone, E-bank, Scratch card, ATM etc.

    Key Features

    • Standardization: Support DLMS COSEM, ANSI
    •  Openness: Support Multi-Meter providers and system interoperability interface such as multi-speak &IEC61968 standard
    •  Security: STA/SSL/HTTPS and 3 layer authority management
    •  Friendliness: Support Multi-Communication Carriers such as PLC(G3, PRIME, SFSK), RF Mesh, RS485, Mbus, 3G/GPRS/SMS/CSD, etc.
    •  Cross Platform: Support Multi-operating system such as windows, Linux, Unix, etc. Multi-relationla dtabase such as ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL

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