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    WLP SCADA is specially designed for smart grid and combined with development tendency of smart grid. This is a set of real-me system that achieves the following funcons: data acquision and control, dispatcher operaon and management, state esmaon, fault idenficaon, fault diagnosis, quickly fault locaon, fault isolaon and power supply restoraon for non-fault area. This system can obviously enhance the reliability and stability of the power supply, improve the reacve power opmizaon, and reduce the technical losses and outage me through the comprehensive distribuon automaon, transmission dispatch, producon, operaon and service. System also realizes visualizaon asset management and outage management. Supply decision support for high efficiency operaon and grid construcon. This soluon can bring the benefits to ulity as follows:

    Shorten outage me and outage range.
    Improve power quality and usage efficiency.
    Real-me monitoring and control for distribuon.
    Fault idenficaon, fault diagnosis, fault locaon and fault restoraon for non-fault area. Outage management & more efficient decision support.
    Closed loop control for load forecasng.
    Self healing and powerful grid construcon.
    Analysis for the fault range based GIS.
    Life cycle and visualizaon asset management.
    Technical losses analysis and opmize the power grid operaon.
    Improve service level and the efficiency of energy ulizaon.
    Opmize the power quality and supply data support for grid construcon. 

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