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Solar Inverter

  • Solar Inverter
  • On grid inverter
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     WLP develops modern and high efficient solar inverters with and without transformer for all sizes of PV plants.

    Products include intelligent inverter with charger, solar inverters, hybrid controller inverter, intelligent MPPT hybrid inverter, three phase inverter, rack mount inverter, industrial switch power supply, military power, solar controller, medical power supply, Power UPS/EPS etc., ehich are sidely used in special vehicle power system, solar power system, Marine electric, on-board power supply, emergency power system for large buildings, post and telecommunication systeem, wind power systems. 


    • Over 98.4% max. efficiency 
    • 200V-800V input voltage range
    • 7.0" LCD colr screen display(optional)  
    • Four MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm  
    • Compact and light design, easy installation
    • IP65, visually pleasing for environment
    • RS485, WiFi/GPRS(optional) interface
    • Numerous protection functions
    • WiFi and monitoring APP available
    • 5 years standard warranty, 10 years optional upgrade

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