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    Transformer Monitoring Solution

    WLP transformer monitoring system based on advanced digital measurement technology to measure and monitor real me parameter and operaon state of transformer, collect transformer data, analysis power quality, management outage and alarm abnormal event for three phase and single phase transformer automacally and remotely through smart communicaon network (GSM/GPRS, Ethernet) PLC/RF) etc. ) in order to improve the grid stability and performance and enable grid to be smart.This soluon can bring the benefits to ulity as follows:

    • Protect the primary equipment of ulity through monitoring overload, light load, and running state.
    • Improve power quality and stability.
    • Realize Power quality harnessed synthecally.
    • Improve power energy consumpon efficiency. 
    Main Functions
    • Transformer parameters measurement lie voltage, current, PF, harmonic, unbalance, oil temperature etc.
    • Alarm for transformer events
    • Power factor compensation
    • Remote factor compensation
    • Remote load control for private transformer
    • Meter reading act as a concentrator

    Key Features

    • Improve asset management performance and prevent damage of transformer and unexpected power failure
    • Improve operation of distribution assets and improve their performance
    • Increase Customer satisfaction with increase power quaity, decrease power failure
    • Transformer loass analysis
    • Load control for private transformer
    • Increase utility revenue

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